crossbow hunting in oregon

As mentioned before, hunting rules and regulations differ from state to state.
Some states may allow you to hunt but only by using a rifle, some may not allow the use of certain weapons such as the crossbow or that you may not be allowed to hunt certain kinds of animals.
This is why it’s important to check with the rules and regulations of your state before buying your own crossbow or heading to the woods.

Why is the Crossbow Not Allowed in Oregon?

Crossbow hunting was allowed in Oregon well until August 2015, however, it is legal to own a crossbow but you cannot (and should not) take it out, use it, or aim it on someone.
There are various reasons as to a crossbow is prohibited in Oregon, (1.) The state of Oregon deems crossbows to be too modernised, (2.) Political, (3) The state prefers other methods when it comes to hunting.

This ruling has indeed been met with a lot of criticism in the past and even up to this day, many citizens especially veterans are lobbying to have crossbows legalised in Oregon as this benefits many of our disabled veterans who would love to hunt some whitetails, turkey, and other game.
One of the said main reasons on why Oregon prohibited the use of crossbows in hunting is because Oregon likes to keep hunting more traditional and more simple, while this does benefit much younger hunters, it does however pose a hindrance to seasoned hunters who make up quite the population when it comes to hunting.
There had been instances in the past, namely back in 2010 and 2013 to somewhere along 2014, that allowed only severely disabled hunters to hunt with a crossbow.
Another factor as to why Oregon prohibits the use of the barnett brotherhood is because its population regarding deer and elk which compared to other states, are way below; meaning this could seriously disrupt the balance in the local ecosystem.
However, all hope is not lost although several hunting organizations in Oregon (does this include hunters of the Supernatural kind? Heh.) have somewhat different views regarding the use of crossbows in hunting, it’s safe to say that no one opposes to provide hunting opportunities for disabled hunters in Oregon however we believe that the state of Oregon only wants to create an equal opportunity for all hunters regardless of their weapon of choice whether it’s a rifle, a vertical bow, a muzzleloader or other weapons.
A bill was passed way back in 2015 that pushed for the use of Barnett Jackal crossbow in Oregon however it was sadly rejected as it persists to remain the only state dedicated to fair play in regards with hunting, you may however they do allow the use of lighted knocks.

There is a (slight) possibility that Oregon may allow crossbows to be used in hunting again especially since it is the only state that still prohibits the use of crossbows in hunting; perhaps in a couple of years or so.
Oregon cannot hold out forever against the people who are constantly fighting for the right to legalise the use of crossbows in hunting, in fact, disabled hunters deserve a much needed consideration.